Owners FAQ’s

Please be sure to take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below and let us know if we can answer any additional questions by contacting us here.

We are well-versed in the leasing and property management industry in the Superstition Mountains area, and make many efforts to keep our staff fully educated. We follow all local, state, and federal Fair Housing laws and legislation. We do our best to educate our owners (and ourselves) as we manage your investment property for you.

Why Choose Otero Realty Group?

The Otero Realty Property Management staff, led by Elise Otero, has more than 45 years of collective experience in the residential leasing and property management industry. We take your rental needs seriously, and aim to answer all of your questions and concerns as quickly as possible. Our staff also takes pride to stay up-to-date on all laws and legislation regarding your rental rights–making sure tenants have a smooth living experience in our Otero Properties. We assist with the move-in process, make sure you stay current with your monthly payments and help with all maintenance concerns. We are the most trusted name in property management and offer unparalleled customer service by using effective communication, continued education, and modern technology while working with you and your rental property.

How Do You Advertise Vacancies? Who Pays the Advertising Costs?

Once we have a signed agreement for our new clients, or once we receive a 30-Day Notice to Vacate from residents of our existing managed clients, we begin marketing your property. We advertise rental listings in the following ways:

  • Our user-friendly website—complete with detailed property descriptions, high-lighted amenities, wide-angle photos  and a panoramic slideshow of your property.
  • Nightly feeds from our property management software pushes our listings out to free-listing rental sites such as HotPads.com, Trulia, Zillow, Yahoo, Google, and Homes.com to only name a few.
  • The Southeast Valley Multiple Listing Service.
  • Otero Realty rental signs placed in front of your property.
  • Every property manager and leasing agent in our office has a copy of our available rentals list for quick reference. Coordinating and managing the advertising for your property is included in the Otero Property Management fee.
  • We offer property sign placement, MLS Listings, as well as local area newspaper ads at no additional cost to the property owner.

What Is Your Screening Process For Prospective Applicants?

We have a very diligent screening process for our applicants before they become Otero Realty Group and Property Management tenants. We encourage you to review our rental application, policies and procedures, as provided to each prospective tenant which they are required to complete. Our professionally trained staff processes all applications in our office. We obtain a credit, criminal, bankruptcy and eviction report for each applicant 18 years and older. We contact current and previous landlords for rental references, and verify current employment. Placing qualified residents in your property is one of our most important goals as your residential leasing and property management company.

How Much Do You Collect From the Tenant Prior To Their Move-In?

When an applicant is approved, Otero Realty Group and Property Management collects all move-in monies on the owners’ behalf. Our policy requires the payment of one month’s prorated rent, as well as the collection of the security deposit equal to one months rent. If pets are accepted at the property, a larger deposit would be required at the time of the lease signing.

How Are Utilities Handled?

Tenants are responsible for all utility charges, unless otherwise agreed upon in advance between Otero Realty Group and Property Management and the property owner. If an owner is willing to pay any portion of utility charges, that will be disclosed to the tenant in advance of the lease signing. As stated in their Rental Lease Agreement, tenants are responsible for changing all billing information to their name and mailing address effective with their scheduled move-in date.

What Happens When the Tenant Doesn’t Pay Rent On Time?

Rent from all residents is due in our Otero Realty Group and Property Management office on the 1st day of each month. If rent is not received by the 5th of the month, the tenant is contacted immediately. If rent is not received at the notification, we serve the tenant with a 5-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit. The final step is to begin the eviction process through the proper legal channels.

What Happens If My Tenant Breaks Their Lease?

When the tenant breaks their lease, their lease stipulates they are responsible for all expenses incurred to re-lease the property. Expenses include: the rent amount for the remainder of time until the expiration of the lease, real estate commissions paid to Otero Realty Group for a new lease, any additional advertising costs or costs directly relating to the re-leasing of the property.

What Customer Service Is Extended To Tenants At Night Or On the Weekend?

Tenants can call the Otero Realty Group and Property Management office Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM to reach our staff live. Outside of normal office hours, we do have a 24/7 Answering Center. When an emergency call is received, we determine the severity of the problem and dispatch the needed service provider. An emergency is typically defined as a fire, flood, or any dangerous or hazardous situation to the resident. Tenants can also submit work orders via their online portal at any time (night or day) for all other non-emergency maintenance requests.